IV Therapy In Buford, GA

IV Therapy In Buford GA by Revive IV Lounge

IV Therapy In Buford, GA

IV Therapy delivers nutrients, vitamins, and medications directly into the bloodstream so results are achieved more quickly and effectively. It allows rapid absorption of substances, making it an efficient way to enhance overall wellness, boost energy levels, and support the immune system. IV Therapy is tailored to address a variety of concerns, including hydration, recovery from illness, athletic performance, beauty enhancement, and anti-aging effects. Suitable for many individuals, this therapy can significantly improve the quality of life for those seeking a direct approach to health optimization. Results can vary by individual, but many clients begin to feel the benefits almost immediately, with lasting effects that can span several days to weeks, depending on the treatment received.

Revive IV Lounge offers a professional setting for IV Therapy treatments. With a team of skilled professionals, we provide personalized consultations to determine the most suitable IV cocktail for your specific health needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your energy, recover faster, or enhance your natural beauty, our services are designed to provide noticeable results promptly. Book an appointment at Revive IV Lounge and experience the benefits of IV Therapy firsthand.

Available Drips

Acetaminophen at Revive IV Lounge in Buford, GA

Acetaminophen IV

Provides effective pain relief and fever reduction directly through your bloodstream.
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Boost cellular repair and metabolic function with this potent antioxidant treatment, enhancing natural defenses and overall wellness.
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Aida IV

Restore balance, boost immunity, and rejuvenate with Aida IV, a custom blend for elevated health.
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Alleviate allergy symptoms by bolstering the immune system and reducing inflammation for comfort and ease.
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BellaVita IV

Enhance beauty from within for radiant skin and vitality with this nutrient-rich infusion.
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Desire IV

Boost libido and sexual health with Desire IV, designed to enhance intimate wellness.
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Food Poisoning IV

Rapidly detoxify and rehydrate to recover from food poisoning, restoring essential nutrients.
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Get Glowing with IV in Buford, GA | Revive IV Lounge

Get Glowing IV

Achieve glowing, youthful skin with this beauty-enhancing vitamin and antioxidant mix.
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HydraDrip IV

Ultimate hydration boost, replenishing fluids, vitamins, and minerals for cellular revival.
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Level Up with IV Therapy in Buford, GA | Revive IV Lounge

Level Up

Enhance athletic performance, energy, and muscle repair for peak physical condition.
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Myers Cocktail

The original wellness IV supports immune health and reduces fatigue for overall well-being.
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MSCL Thru IV | Revive IV Lounge in Buford, GA


For fitness enthusiasts, improve workout recovery and energy. Member price: $100.
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Past Tense IV | Revive IV Lounge in Buford, GA

Past Tense IV

Specially formulated this headache and migraine treatment to get you back on your feet and regain some lost productivity.
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Nurture (Pre Op)

Optimize health and immune system before surgery for better recovery.
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Restore (Post Op IV)

Speed up post-surgery recovery, aiding in healing and nutrient replenishment.
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Prenatal IV

Provide essential nutrients for mother and baby during pregnancy for health and wellness.
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Recover IV

Revitalize from illness or exertion, hydrating, detoxifying, and replenishing nutrients.
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Remedy IV for hangover | Revive IV Lounge in Buford, GA

Remedy IV

Fast hangover relief, hydrating, detoxifying, and restoring lost nutrients.
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Revive IV

Combat fatigue with an energizing vitamin and mineral blend to rejuvenate the body and mind.
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Recover IV

Clear sinus congestion with this immune-boosting, inflammation-reducing infusion.
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Slim Down

Support weight loss by enhancing metabolism, aiding detoxification, and curbing appetite.
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Ease menstrual discomfort with relief from cramps, bloating, and mood swings.
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Vitamin Sea

Refresh and hydrate with this revitalizing drip, promoting hydration and rejuvenation.
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Vitashield with IV Therapy in Buford, GA | Revive IV Lounge


Enhance immunity and vitality that’s rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants.
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Refresh and detoxify by promoting liver health and respiratory support.
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High Dose Vitamin C at Revive IV Lounge in Buford, GA

High Dose Vitamin C

Benefits include immune support and fatigue reduction. Doses over 30g may require lab tests.
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NAD at Revive IV Lounge in Buford, GA

Venofer Iron Infusions

Treats iron deficiency anemia. Additional lab tests are required.
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Benadryl at Revive IV Lounge in Buford, GA


NAD+ is a vital coenzyme that supports energy conversion, cellular repair, and anti-aging processes in the body. Offering benefits like addiction recovery, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Various packages are available, and pricing varies per dose; call for more details.
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Benefits of IV Therapy


Individuals seeking to improve their overall wellness, athletes looking for faster recovery, and anyone needing a quick nutrient boost or immune support are great candidates.

Many clients report feeling refreshed during or immediately after their treatment, with the full range of benefits unfolding in the hours and days following.

The duration of results varies, ranging from several days to weeks, depending on the individual’s health status and the specific therapy received.

There is no downtime, so clients can immediately resume their daily routines since there is no downtime. Minor side effects may include bruising or discomfort at the injection site.

It’s recommended to stay hydrated and eat a light meal before treatment. Post-treatment, continue drinking water and follow any specific aftercare advice from your provider.

Clients can expect a comfortable and relaxing experience. A small IV is inserted into the vein, administering the nutrient solution. The process typically lasts 30-60 minutes, during which you can relax or read.

Please note: Our services and the use of nutrients are not intended to take place of medication or treat or cure any medical condition. They are also not recommended for medical emergency purposes. If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911.

Nutrient and Hydration therapy is intended to support and boost a healthy lifestyle. Although our staff may make specific suggestions, every individual is different and we can not guarantee specific results.


Relax, Rehydrate, Revive

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